Thanks to Murray Landon and John Baird, instant results from all NZASP tournaments are now available on the day after each round of games finishes – from this link: Elixs Results


Saturday 13th April is National (and world) Scrabble day in honour of the birthday of Alfred Butts. Alexander Gandar from Mount Albert club was interviewed about Scrabble and National Scrabble day on TV1 breakfast.

The 40th Masters was held in Christchurch over Easter weekend, with some interesting word plays according to Peter Johnstone … ” Congratulations to our champ Howard who was helped when Herb played the amazing YTTER[B]Ic to win over Dylan. As our previous champ Andrew said, anyone else would have played pRETTILY off a P in the top middle TWS. And also a shout out to Val who won a tight game over Blue by going out with wonderful FORZATo (onto an existing O)”.

Howard Warner is our Masters champion for 2024, Dylan Early 2nd, Blue Thorogood 3rd, Gil Quiballo 4th (not pictured), Lawson Sue 5th, and Peter Sinton 6th. Traditionally, at the Masters, the president gives a bottle of wine to the first person to reach their expectancy – and this was Murray Rogers! NZASP Treasurer, Cicely Bruce and NZASP Secretary, Liz Fagerlund presided at the prizegiving. Congratulations to one and all!

The following is a document created by Murray Rogers, for the NZASP Youth Scrabble Committee, as a reference for the general public, educators, tournament organisers and club players to help promote youth involvement. Please feel free to share any or all information as appropriate. 

Our NZL-based Zebra Word Judge app is now available for Android (non-Apple) devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store. See installation instructions. Before you can use it, you will need to install the NZL21 (New Zealand Lexicon 2021) file. Apply to scrabblenz@gmail.com for a link to this file.
The versions for iOS (Apple devices such as iPhone) and Windows (PCs and laptops) are under development. We hope to get them to you soon. Note, all versions will include accessibility features for blind players. A huge thank-you to Dylan Early for all his hard work in designing, developing and testing the app. It will allow us to continue word-judging using our own unexpurgated word source.

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