Entry forms for all NZ tournaments, and thereafter, result handouts, are added here when available.

# Restricted entry

2024 Whangarei
2024 Tournaments  Location  Dates  Entry form  Results
Giant RR Whangarei 5-7 January   Whangarei
Janniversary Wellington 20 & 21 Jan  


Jafa-versary Auckland 27-28 Jan   Jafa-versary
Nelson Nelson 17-18 Feb   Nelson
Rotorua Rotorua 2-3 March   Rotorua
Masters Christchurch 29-31 March   Masters
Dunedin Dunedin 13-14 April   Dunedin
Christchurch Christchurch 4-5 May Christchurch  
Mt Albert Auckland 18 & 19 May Mount Albert  
Nationals Wellington 1-3 June Nationals  
Whangarei Whangarei 6-7 July Whangarei  
Kiwi Scrabblers Hamilton 3-4 August    
Tauranga Tauranga 24-25 August    
Christchurch Christchurch 7-8 September    
Mt Albert Auckland 5-6 October    
Dunedin Queenstown 19-20 October    
Whanganui Whanganui 26-27 October    
#Trans Tasman Challenge Auckland 15-17 Nov    
Dunedin Otago 30 Nov – 1 Dec    
2023 Tournaments Location Dates Entry form Results
Janniversary Wellington 21 & 22 Jan   Wellington
Jafa-versary Auckland 28-29 Jan          Jafa-versary
Nelson Nelson 18-19 Feb   Nelson
March Madness Rotorua 4-5 March Cancelled  
Dunedin Dunedin 25-26 March   Dunedin
Whangarei 8-10 April   Masters
Countryside Whangarei 16 April   Countryside
Christchurch Christchurch 6-7 May   Christchurch
Mt Albert Auckland 13 May
14 May
  Mt Albert
Mt Albert
Nationals Howick, Akld 3-5 June   Nationals
Club Winners
Whangarei Whangarei 1-2 July   Whangarei
Kiwi Hamilton 12-13 August   Hamilton
Tauranga Tauranga 19-20 August   Tauranga
Christchurch Christchurch 9-10 Sept   Christchurch
Swisstember Wellington 16 & 17 Sept   Wellington
Mt Albert Auckland 7-8 October   Mt Albert
Dunedin Queenstown 14-15 October   Queenstown
Whanganui Whanganui 21-22 October   Whanganui
Dunedin Otago 18-19 Nov   Dunedin
2022 Tournaments Location Dates Entry form Results
Janniversary Wellington 22 January
23 January
The Optimists Auckland 29-30 Jan   Optimists
Nelson Nelson 19-20 Feb   Nelson
Rotorua Rotorua 26-27 Feb   Rotorua
Whangarei Autumn
Whangarei 13 March   Whangarei
Dunedin Dunedin 2-3 April   Dunedin
#Masters (Invitational) Wellington 15-17 April   Masters
Christchurch Christchurch  7-8 May   Christchurch
Mt Albert Auckland 14 May
15 May
  Mt Albert
Mt Albert
Nationals Christchurch 4-6 June   Nationals
Club Results
Whangarei Whangarei 2-3 July   Whangarei
Kiwi Scrabblers Hamilton 6-7 August   Hamilton
Tauranga Tauranga 20-21 August   Tauranga
Christchurch Christchurch 3-4 Sept   Christchurch
Dunedin Queenstown 17-18 Sept   Queenstown
Swisstober Wellington 1 & 2 October   Wellington
Mt Albert Auckland 8-9 October   Auckland
Whanganui Whanganui 22-23 Oct   Whanganui
World Seniors Sydney 1-3 Nov   Sydney
#Trans Tasman Challenge    Sydney 5-6 Nov   Sydney
Dunedin Dunedin 12-13 Nov   Dunedin
2021 Tournaments Location Dates Entry form Results
Janniversary Wellington 23-24 Jan   Janniversary
Independents WOW Auckland 30-31 Jan   WOW
Nelson Nelson 20-21 Feb   Nelson
Rotorua Rotorua 27-28 Feb   Rotorua
Mt Albert Auckland 13 Mar   Mt Albert
Mt Albert Auckland 14 Mar   Mt Albert
#Masters (Invitational) Tauranga 2-4 April   Masters
Dunedin Dunedin 17-18 April   Dunedin
Christchurch Christchurch 8-9 May   Christchurch
Nationals Hamilton 5-7 June   Nationals
Whangarei Whangarei 3-4 July   Whangarei
Kiwi Scrabblers Hamilton 7-8 August   Hamilton
Tauranga Tauranga 21-22 August   Cancelled
Christchurch Christchurch 4-5 September   Cancelled
Wellington Swiss
Wellington 19 September   Wellington
Dunedin Queenstown 16-17 October   Queenstown
Whanganui Whanganui 23-24 October   Cancelled
Rodney Snells Beach 6 November   Cancelled
Mt Albert Auckland 6-7 November   Cancelled
Dunedin Dunedin 13-14 November   Dunedin
Whangarei Whangarei 14 November   Whangarei

#Trans-Tasman Challenge 

Canberra 19-21  November   Cancelled