Rankings & Ratings

NZASP keeps ratings and rankings lists of players who have played games in rated tournaments in New Zealand. The Ratings Officer calculates rating changes and maintains these lists.

In New Zealand, we calculate rankings and ratings the same way. We use a system similar to that of North America. A player’s rating depends on the number of wins gained against the opponents they played in a tournament, and  compared with their expected wins. See a fuller explanation.

Ranking list

The Rankings list includes all players who have played 40 or more rated games in the previous two years.

Rating list by position, Rating list by name and All Ratings

The rating lists are for the benefit of the tournament organisers, who need to be able to apply the correct grade or seeding to entrants. The Ratings list by name (alphabetical) and Ratings list by position (numerical) include all players who have competed in at lest one tournament in the previous two years. The All Ratings list is the complete list. If a player returns after an absence of two years or more, they will have their previous rating (from the All rating list) applied.

Where a player has a provisional New Zealand rating or has not played a rated game in New Zealand for at least two years (i.e. they have a historic NZ rating) the player and Tournament Organiser may agree that the player should be placed in a higher or lower grade than indicated by their provisional or historic rating.

If you have any doubts about where to place or seed a player, please contact the Ratings Officer