Rankings & Ratings

NZASP keeps ratings and rankings lists of players who have played rated games in tournaments in NZ. The Ratings Officer calculates and maintains these lists.

Rankings and ratings lists

Rankings and ratings are calculated in the same way. New Zealand ratings calculations are based on a system similar to the United States. A player’s rating depends on the number of wins gained against the opponents played in a tournament, compared to expected wins based on the differential in rating between the player and his/her opponents. A fuller explanation is given here.

Rankings list
The rankings list includes all players who have played 40 or more rated games in the previous 2 years.

Ratings list by position, Ratings list by name and All Ratings.

The numerical and alphabetical ratings lists include all players who have played in at least one rated tournament in the previous 2 years. If a player returns after a 2 or more year absence, the previous rating from the All Ratings list is applied unless agreed between the tournament organiser and the player.