NZ has historically done very well in international tournaments, especially considering our small population base. Our best results were in 2007, 2011 and 2013 when Nigel Richards won the Scrabble World Championship/Scrabble Champions Tournament.

Image showing Lewis Hawkins and Lynley Jenness, along with Ronnie and Sam Bennett of Australia in Kuala Lumpur 2017. NZ Trans Tasman team 2018 photo.
Lewis Hawkins and his mother, Lynley Jenness
(right) with Ronnie and Sam Bennett (Australia),
in Kuala Lumpur before the World Youth Scrabble Championships, 2017.
NZ team for the Trans Tasman Challenge, November 2018
Back row: Howard Warner, Joanne Craig, Peter Sinton,
Andrew Bradley, Cicely Bruce
Middle row: Glenda Foster, John Foster, Lynne Butler, Patrick Carter, Lawson Sue   
Front row: Scott Chaput, Dylan Early
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NZASP uses the following criteria to select teams to represent NZ at international tournaments…

WESPA Championship (WESPAC)

Criteria for NZ Players.

Trans-Tasman Challenge

The TTC is held every two years. Hosting alternates between Australia and NZ, therefore NZ hosts the challenge every four years.

When held in Australia :
The Trans-Tasman Challenge 2021 will be held in Canberra, 19-21 November. New Zealand has 10 places to Australia’s 16. Our selection will be based on the top 10 ranked players immediately after the Kiwi tournament, 7-8 August.

Eligibility cut-off date for this year’s Trans Tasman Challenge is 8th August 2021.

When held in NZ :
It is the top 12 ranked NZ players.

Regrettably it has been announced that the Trans-Tasman Challenge 2020, planned for Canberra in November this year, is off. Due to the worsening COVID crisis in Australia, both our countries have agreed to cancel the event.

Alchemist Cup

The 10-team, elite, international tournament was to have taken place in Penang, Malaysia, in December 2020.  New Zealand had a team of five players, including world champion and world No 1 Nigel Richards. Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.