International tournament selection

NZASP uses the following criteria to select teams to represent NZ at international tournaments…

WESPA Championship (WESPAC)

See Criteria for NZ Players.

Trans-Tasman Challenge

The TTC is held every two years. Hosting alternates between Australia and NZ, therefore NZ hosts the challenge every four years.

When held in Australia :
The Trans-Tasman Challenge 2021 will be held in Canberra, 19-21 November. New Zealand has 10 places to Australia’s 16. Our selection will be based on the top 10 ranked players immediately after the Kiwi tournament, 7-8 August.

Eligibility cut-off date for this year’s Trans Tasman Challenge is 8th August 2021.

When held in NZ :
It is the top 12 ranked NZ players.

Alchemist Cup

The 10-team, elite, international tournament was to have taken place in Penang, Malaysia, in December 2020.  New Zealand had a team of five players, including world champion and world No 1 Nigel Richards. Unfortunately the event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.