International tournament selection criteria

NZASP uses the following criteria to select teams to represent NZ at international tournaments.

WESPA World Championship

See WESPAC selection criteria.

Trans Tasman Challenge

The TTC is held every two years. Hosting alternates between Australia and NZ, therefore NZ hosts the challenge every four years.

When held in Australia
The top 10 ranked players as at 31 July prior to the TTC.

When held in NZ
The top 12 ranked players as at 31 July prior to the TTC.

Note: In 2020 the cut-off date is 9 August, following the Kiwi tournament.

Alchemist Cup

New Zealand has selected its provisional team for the December 2020 Alchemist Cup in Malaysia.

Expatriate New Zealander and current World Champion Nigel Richards has a direct entry, plus the top four ranked domestic players (after the NZ National Champs in that year, prior to the Alchemist Cup tournament).

Nigel Richards
Alastair Richards
Howard Warner
Lyres Freeth
Joanne Craig
Dylan Early
Patrick Carter

News update: Unfortunately this event had to be cancelled due to many uncertainties caused by COVID-19 pandemic.