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Website of the New Zealand Association of Scrabble® Players (NZASP)

Scrabble® is a registered trademark of JW Spear & Sons, England, under licence in New Zealand to Mattel (NZ) Ltd

Scrabble Software

CSW15 word list in text format

Online games

  • Quackle
    This program plays games and provides game analysis. Download it here.

  • Words With Friends
    Available through Facebook and as an app download for mobile on Android and Apple devices.

Word checking and judging programs

  • Zyzzyva
    A word study program written by Michael Thelen and modified by Collins. It's free. It can be used as a Word Judge for tournaments and also for word study. It does not provide a facility for playing games. You can add the CSW15 word list to it separately. Download it here.

  • ULU
    A word checking and judging program for mobile devices. Free to download and use. Instructions for downloading and setting up here (thanks to Dylan Early). Note that the URL in step 6 is case sensitive.
  • Au Pair
    A programme for creating draws and scoring for tournaments. It's a DOS programme so to run under windows you will probably need to use Dosbox. See the operating instructions for details. Download it here.


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