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Website of the New Zealand Association of Scrabble® Players (NZASP)

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About us

The NZASP is the umbrella organisation for organised Scrabble in NZ. There are 21 affiliated clubs and about 40 independent members. This represents a total of around 340 players.

 NZ uses the Collins Official Scrabble Words 2015 (CSW15) as the word authority. We operate the five point penalty challenge rule, which means that when  correct words are challenged the player who played the word(s) receives an additional five points for every word challenged. When incorrect words are challenged the player who played the word(s) loses his/her turn.

NZ is currently represented at the World Scrabble Championships. The highest placing achieved was in 2007 and again in 2011 when Nigel Richards (from Christchurch but resident in Malaysia) won. Nigel is the first player to win more than one World Scrabble Championship.  He also won the French National Championship without being able to speak more than a few words in French.

NZASP members communicate via Slack.com. The team administrator is Steven Brown. To join a team please email Steven Brown at sgbrown@mac.com quoting your email address and which team(s) you would like to join.

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